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rebellion attacks London
Why fall?
Inflation concerns. 5% inflation is 10 year high. Brexit ***it. Energy prices too affecting it. LSEG cannot die. Simply cannot. Huge loss now but long term very good to hold on to. 6-12 months gains only.
Is this a good buy entry? Or more to loose here?
What's going on with the LSEG? Why the drop the past week?
Pleasing figures today, that should settle a few nerves
looks like it just sell all the way,how long does it keeps going low? Guest holding off buying for now.
as soon as it goes to what to buy
hello all I am having trouble navigating this app can anyone help
hello all I am having trouble navigating this app can anyone help
hello all I am having trouble navigating this app can anyone help
What's going on? keeps rising.Can't see any reason in the news about it?
rebellion people
I'm predicting that by late summer this will be back to the 8-9k range so if you bought in during the April drop to 6.5k you'll be happy.
Some big money lard has gone overkill on the sell button.
why it's keep falling? Is it for brexit ?
Fine, so let's try not make the shorting happen, and help turn this stock around. We have 15 to 20% profit to gain. Let's do this!
No way, this chart is deadly, youd be crazy to buy now
25% hammering post benign results seems massive short seller bets
LSE plan take over of Refinitiv reduces it appeal. with limited free cashflow and execution risks the takeover could be challenging
Which planet are you on? because the deal was completed 2 months ago. Lol
deal might have been completed but merging two companies can be very problematic and if there's any problems they could lose clients from Refinitiv. I still think this is a good long term investment at its current price it will eventually climb back up to the 9k+ range.
Its a problem that all companies face, how to keep the customers. Anyway, the drop was a result of the EPS being missed.
dropping further. 'strong sell' more like strong buy
Another big drop. Will be worth capitilising. on this.
time to buy
Sudden spike
Buy or sell?
I'd buy.
£85.60. Looking for a better entry point, though this is appealing.
The LSE Balance Sheet calculates the current ratio to the perecentage of 1.0% but shows no difference between the intial balance rate to the total assets of the transfer. .