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Kenvur buyers return to jnj? Double discount/double dip...? LOL?
Niceee movement
Interest rates?
FDA approved finally. Few minutes ago!!!!
Invested in J&J a couples years back and have closely followed the pharmaceutical industry. Found a company by the name of SpectrumX which has an IPO set for November. SpectrumX are leaders in patented shielded HOCL formulations that have numerous applications in medical/pharma fields. They have also undergone 2 clinical trails for Covid-19 treatment (apparently not factored into the company valuation.) To me this company seems to be on track for high growth after the IPO, however I may be getting lost in the hype. Would love to hear people's thoughts on the stock as I am keen to invest early.
To entry in Spectrum or not? What do you think?
Checking it out looks like a good punt
Good job JNJ. move forward bullish
Stock split???
Where we go next?
AMC! But ultimately it’s your decision.
Good buy. 0at this price
JNJ is going to Make a strong come back tonight!
Immediate inquiry must be done