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Technically, IBM has been in a secular bear market since the high of 03/20138 years ago. As I see it, a continuation of the failure to break out of that downtrend implies a retest of the 11/2008 lows.
IBM quantum cykle, yeah
IBM will disappear in less than one year and best chance get acquired by Microsoft
Quantum Computation, they will revolutionise financial applications, remember 2013 ASIC and the whole Crypto world got momentum. The company which made the first mainframe era and even mobile phones they don't disappear. They just don't care trading like Intel. Whole world will disappear if they do. 2000 Y2k , solved basically by them only
It's just panic-selling. It will settle down, just be patient.
Moving from being forefront of computer engineering to "financial engineering". I don't trust their books
Slowly declining giant
I wouldn't pass the judgement just yet, based on one slightly missed financial expectations. They had their expensess and they are also planning on dividing part of their business into new company, for which I think we will get some shares as current shareholders. So, there's still some hope left.
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wow that'sgood
Bullish thanks you
very good big blue!!!!
Thanks you. forward
60 in the next crash
Wont drop below 95
Waiting for another drop to buy more. Their dividends are not worth ignoring.
how can i invest or buy
Somebody shorted this really good. Don't know why though, numbers are looking good.
What do you mean by 2022 stock?
So I've heard. Okay, didn't know what you mean at first. That news really sounded good.
Financial engineering
You know you're overdue retiring when the stock goes up 4.89% after hours when you announce you're going.
Positive sentiment of press... still revenues are lagging.
Multiple analysts raise end of year forecasts for IBM. Stock price reaction since $150--->$136. Company cant catch a break.
I guess 80 billion dollars revenue should mean something right..
150 at the end of the day...
Can you support that ?