Greatland Gold Plc (GGPL)

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  • wow - excellent PFS posted this week - first of many concrete milestones on the way to economic ore extraction. Been holding for 4 years and will continue to do so, simple research points out the value here - extrpolate a few years and several more resource size increases, cost of gold and copper both rising it's a no-brainer....what's that guy's name again who is obsessed with me (lmao)? oh yeah @mohammed patel, did you miss me?
    • Hi Alex, thank you for your detailed posts and positive outlook really appreciate it. You have been obsessed about being asked why you have gone silent. Glad to see you posting again and seeing GGP rising
    • No worries SH! just got a bit tired of posting and the fed up of feeding the board troll - shame he tries to scare people into selling with baseless, pointless comments - I never sold, still here for dividends in several years - easiest hold for me!
    • easy Alex, good to read you again, take care and hold for grearland gold, i been in since 2014 and not going anywhere, with you all the way