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Decline now at 2800 metres, working now through 4th spiral. It will reach the ore body by June 24
New licence applications at Yannarie in the Gascoyne
Havieron decline now over 2600 metres
Greatland loan facility confirmed to December 2024 by CEO Wyloo Metals.
Havieron decline development: significant progress continues with total development to date now at 2,510 metres (as at 20 July 2023); the decline has successfully progressed past the middle aquifer, which is a significant de-risking event for the decline development
Decline is progressing ahead of schedule, production on target to start first half 2024. Paterson farm in drilling is commencing next month.
where are all the ggpl pumpers at?
GGP doesn't need pumpers!
it needs something
they all sold with the ex ceo at 35p hopefully or they're now long term holders
I will wait it out, production due to start in a year. Nothing lost by holding at these low prices.
It seems corruption involves now! Prices should be 60 -70 minimum or at least! I bought when is 41 about 18 months ago. something is Not right here so I am out. Good luck to you
Cheap at these levels! Buy and hold. Should be income from Havieron mine in 2024 onwards. 👍🏻
Y’all say what you want think what you like , but 2023/24 will give ROI ! After that , sky is the limit,… why? Bevause the americans are in. They only come when there is something (a lot) to gain…
Okay, it’s not only the Americans, is the Canadians as well 😂😂😂
l agree 🇬🇧
correct me if I'm wrong....current market cap 366million and only 1billion in potential gold in the mine! that may not be ready to produce until after q4 2023??
you are wrong mate, yes. The MRE that I suspect you're basing those figures doesn't incorporate months and months of subsequent world class drill results. there is a lag between the results being announced to market and incorporated into a resource estimate. 2023 will be transformational for GGP in my opinion, but you'll have to do more research than what you have done to find yourself as convinced as I am. all the best either way
Well said Tom
what your evaluation/2024 price target?
Short is gone. Funding is all there. Hopefully ready to be set free!
Guess not lol
sell, this is currently being shorted by jp Morgan, I'm buying in December when results are in
this pos is constantly tanking
And SD is good for Ggp?
This stock will Rocket soon 🚀
Looking forward to when this hapoens
Now it’s off the road and it’s hit a ********tree
It's back on the road again 😄😄
50p I would say first targets than 100. But will see who's going to get right only time will tell. Good luck 👍
lol u do realised 50p will give it mcap of £3B?! on zero revenues... yeh ok...
revenue won't be long mate. 2024 latest
Less than zero
LOL - always a reaction when the share price is up for 1 day. I've been calling this since the price was over 25p - see it go sub 10p soon - fair value is 5p
how do you get to that? I've been calling 20moz+ for over 12 months. We'll see who's right soon enough. 😂
and if fair value is 5p, why did you say less than zero? absolute helmet 🤡
what is happening! Should be at very least 50 by now!!
How do you arrive at that figure? Be great if it was though.
sanctions on Russia, could bring this to new ath? 🤔?
100p very soon!
More like 10p 😢
14.45p what's happening?