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Ford dhare price rises and there on strike! How's that work. Lol
EPS negative!? Is this wrong?
above fair value these months soon for such market shares in the lean production quality's managerially proficiency perks remuneration conditioned offering to wealth sentiment come over inflation's
25 dollar
Good time to buy
It's still going down???
lol. F falls because Tesla's biggest Stan (Adam Jonas) says F is worth nothing. Jonas has predicted great things for Tesla, while every quarter it massively underperforms, continues to lose key staff etc. I'll buy more F stock at these cheap prices.
easy short selling deal
overbought at >19?
My option is Buy anybody differ
loading this Tesla in the making
next Tesla?
Buy the dip
Chicken with golden eggs
take position soon
good price
A synergy to this is Kodal Minerals Plc - Kod.L
Is Ford still paying the dividends?
Massive positive earnings surprise. Market will probably react by selling...?
I know.. carnival announce a $2bn loss and the share price goes to the moon. Anyone announces profit with big dividend payout and watch them crash.
This is my only stock i am down on. This new Ceo who is coming needs to change my bad hand and go Full EV.
Which other stock you have Sir??
Tesla @ $220ps, Microsoft @ $140 ps, Intel @ $44 ps, Micro Focus @ £2.40p ps , Hyliion @ $18 ps, Nio @ $2.30 ps, HSBC @ £2.90 ps
I am due to make a proper portfolio that has good diversification. I just haven't come round to it yet.
this is a good company but fall in revenue got me a bit cautious
this stock touches 8 dollar in few days
let hope that would be great
This is such a ****stock its unbelieveble
down side 5 upside 25. risk to reward ratio long term is a no brainer.
ford is so bearish, look at it over a 5 year period. no amount of dividends will pay for that level of depreciation.