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This company will skyrocket
stellantis NV one of the best fundamental. 27 us 🇺🇸 if there is no war
€25.00 easy... very cheap now
I saw on Market Miracle Advisor that on Stellantis are improving the positions of institutions and professionals but from the graph it seems that both professionals and individuals are starting to reduce positions long, I was interested in getting in but I think I’ll wait for an input signal with a better phase, now it’s 1.3
Whyyyy -2%
What happened fron 15 to 13,8 ???
Companies that have on-line business will recover faster, car undustry will suffer as most industries for a longer period of a time...IT industries will do better and faster recovery...
IT companies have soared to new ATHs. Definitely a candidate for biggest losses in the long-term.