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I’m struggling to get to a $306.50 share price when the regulators are all over Meta and their future in Europe looks at risk. I cant see people paying money to see what their friends are eating.I’m short looking for sub $200 inside 12 months
10% gap up before us session...
Bought 286
15% move, majority of analyst expect strong numbers & growth!
12-13% up
I think deep fall.
Bet you this opens red tomorrow.
bet who?
I think it will fall after earnings
Meta bearish
why is increasing
Nobody knows
gap fill is what I was in for just sold 80%gains also new app launched
A complete manupilations
going down 200
So're saying you picked FB up at rock bottom 88 and it's tripled and you call it filth. I think you're lying out of your ass you piece of short seller scum.
Hi Key, what your think S&P will go from here next week? Major focus on NVDA, TSL, NETFLIX, AMZ & META. How we can connect? Thanks!
I feel dirty for picking up this filth... Even when it was at rock bottom
You feel dirty making money on this stock? Then why are you trading? What a stupid thing to say!
Analysts set new target today of 300. Then 400 by mid August.
Buying at top is risk You can Sell at 242
Good to buy
It s good to buy today?
Short at 253
Green earnings are not necessarily good earnings!
Short at $204. Looking for the price to halve by September.
Sell 189, target 120, over 2 months. Reason - strong topping pattern. GLA
Zuckerberg mentions the word AI and it shoots up 4%?!
I'd like to know how many Facebook accounts will close starting today. The paid blue check also arrives... on a social media that was supposed to remain free forever.. Destined to close very soon. GOODBYE to new SOCIAL especially FREE