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Bet you this opens red tomorrow.
bet who?
I think it will fall after earnings
Meta bearish
why is increasing
Nobody knows
gap fill is what I was in for just sold 80%gains also new app launched
A complete manupilations
going down 200
So're saying you picked FB up at rock bottom 88 and it's tripled and you call it filth. I think you're lying out of your ass you piece of short seller scum.
Hi Key, what your think S&P will go from here next week? Major focus on NVDA, TSL, NETFLIX, AMZ & META. How we can connect? Thanks!
I feel dirty for picking up this filth... Even when it was at rock bottom
You feel dirty making money on this stock? Then why are you trading? What a stupid thing to say!
Analysts set new target today of 300. Then 400 by mid August.
Buying at top is risk You can Sell at 242
Good to buy
It s good to buy today?
Short at 253
Green earnings are not necessarily good earnings!
Short at $204. Looking for the price to halve by September.
Sell 189, target 120, over 2 months. Reason - strong topping pattern. GLA
Zuckerberg mentions the word AI and it shoots up 4%?!
I'd like to know how many Facebook accounts will close starting today. The paid blue check also arrives... on a social media that was supposed to remain free forever.. Destined to close very soon. GOODBYE to new SOCIAL especially FREE
PM Orders Revocation of VOD's Licence
making you happy New York city N Account times Cambodia ឈ្នួលកណ្ដាល
Up on very bad results
This is insane. A company with 500b market cap can go up 28% in just one day
it has to be negative 10%, not +18%, wait for a bad fall
People in late better hope Alphabet don't miss!