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Up 17% after hour bro
I think you're blind
For what good reason though, other than burning through its own cash to artificially balloon its own share price.
deep technical chart soon it will come to 138.40 buy on current point
Fb is world icon . If it is down, USA loss its position on world map…. Sign..
1 year target 149
how much more dip foe buy ?
1year target 240
human species survival depend on this company crash
$50 is sure for this company 😹
You will be totally wiped out if you keep your meta shares, this company is done.
Get out now !!! $50 coming
This is going to $16
116$ or only 16$ ?
Snap recently went from $80 to $7 so this could do the same.
$50 a strong possibility now.
65 coming
Go up baby!
Fed better pivot soon
hoping that Zuckerberg will pivot before the Fed...
the best time to buy... soon it will go back to 150
bankruptcy soon
the best time to buy... soon it will go back to 150
Next stop $50
closing seems to be around 96
Time to buy
Target by Dec, $78