Diageo PLC (DEO)

Buenos Aires
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Good time for Diageo to do some share buy-back .. high risk here of going <£30
what thas Diageo done to be at pandemic levels?
Business loss in Russia, Ukraine and weak demand in China !!!
And the Diageo dividends recorded here are .. .. .. accurate for 2022?
beat head forming..it will continue to drop to 3300 or below before shifting up again. interesting one yo watch
How to start
get your act together Diageo for christ's sake! stay up
3810.00 can anyone tell. Me why Diageo a Drinks company and in a 2 year pandemic are at 2 year highs... Doesnt make any sense.... HOW COME they are NOT getting hammered like other stocks
because people wana drink when ********hits the fan. Alcahol consumption has increased during pendemic.
And when all the covid and RU /UA dust settles people will party like never before.
45 Soon..
Buy Diageo target 5000
why you think will reach 5000?
Wow wow, thanks DGE
What happed today with this stock?
bad times stress reliever in social gathering or loneliness liquor is the answer
buy 3000 soon 4000sooner boom in tourism to start as well as alcohol sales boom buy
Wait it goes lower
Great investment, but the risks that bars will stay closed until this time next year I don't think are currently reflected in the share price. I'd like to see this fall back to 2200-2300 range before re-investing.
Whats the general sentiment here? How are we looking in the short/medium term? Any opinions welcomed 👍
upward trend in my opinion