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sell, it's about to implode and disappear
Are you crazy? Do you understand fundamentals ? Are you aware of this word ? please do some homework before posting anything...
Buy. Nothing will happen to Deutsche bank. It is available at 15% discount.
90% discount not 15
banking crisis getting worse
Still laundering Russian mob money then. apart from doing Putin's bidding helping Trump in 2016 this is the most evil bank in the world-allegedly
Short selling for last 21 days !
hi pat
financial earnings to interest its stance economics strategy adding its development later
Garbage-get otu while it's above €6
Another Titanic. will crash any day
Maybe it is being purposely wound down ,keep the assets and get rid of the liabilities !!!!
Suggest DB is too big to fail and will be kept afloat by ECB, FED, BOJ, BOE and others who know that if DB goes under a major world financial crisis would ensue
Wait u at 4
Does anyone believe this bank actually survives the next 12months? Seems to be just a slow death.
No, it will proberbly not survive.
DB price goes up?? Obviously fixed.
it is unbelievable not to see any positive news on the stock for the last 3 years, unfortunately all negatives and continued downgrades by the Rating Agencies
The collapse of Deutsche Bank, is probably going to be caused by Italy getting out of the Euro.
The crash of Deutsche Bank is going to be a Lemon Brothes times 1000, it's going to be apocalyptic.
Bring back the gold standard and don't allow a deposit rate higher than 1 to 3.
All banks in Europe are taken by the instability, commercial war, Brexit and over debts, this bank has a positive the country that represents, that don't will let fall
Bank should have passed it's most difficult times and now will show steady good recovery and gradual share price rise
Of course the banks felt a lot in the last months and the price of its will rise, but not in a continuous tendence, I think that the rise will be with rises and downs until all the instability finally ends
Be prepared for " zi Germans".... hahaha Where are the good old honest Germans?
This bank is bleeding out and no one is willing to see that just giving it blood will not save it.....because the heart is dying ie the business model is failing.
I like: Holding, buying. Resistance 12.2 eur.
How did the holding go