Coca-Cola Co (KO)

Currency in MXN

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Buy now? Short term
Seems that the coca cola are promoting Prime by KSI.
coca cola seem immune to this recession reaction so far
Let's see... not getting too carried away.
as earth heats up coca cola shares will heat up too
thumbs up 👍 taste the thunder
Drink it if you're not willing to live long. It will help 100%. Respect to Ronaldo!
yes u r 100% right my dear
Christiano Ronaldo to pop drinks is what Elon musk is to crypto😂😂😂#drinkwater
Bullish. Coca-Cola move forward. Tq
Short sell this trash
Snyone buying this ****is supporting a racist marxist corporation taken over by polititcal leftist ideology. Shame on you.
money is money.
Still buying in after and pre market so that's always the sign I follow
I tried to buy but i can only buy 1 ...does anyone know why ?!
What is a good price to enter now?
around 45 would be a good price to buy.
What’s happened this week?? Why is falling off??
Take it easy guys.It will be ok.
DB has downgrade KO from Buy yo Hold
If it is just a matter of one downgrade, it is a buying opportunity. Discount %%%
Do you guys think will this week another bloodbath  coming? :)
what is happening???????
Sabeis cuando reparten dividendos ?
Alrededor del 12 de Septiembre pero no estoy 100% seguro
no comprendo. parlar In gles
what's E P S ?
0.42 vs 0.4 :)
earning per share
E P S very low
E P S very low
Happy celebration shall remember how to fight Pepsi Cafe yeah...
Coke may lose fight to #PepsiCafe
When is the right price to buy KO
I am new to trading can someone explain my why despite good earning numbers etc KO is going down?
correct time to buy Coca-Cola stock