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why centamin going down, when gold price going up?!
watch gold to break support at 2075. I believe it will
Same again
Dividend on 31st aug.  look out for drop.
Time to get on it. The bottom is immanent. 3Q gold set to rise. Post
June Fed is tipped to trigger a rise.
Easily going back to 200. At 110 it's a steal
We are at a high point on the 72 day gold wave with a FED meeting due on 3rd May I suggest selling next week and waiting for a 5 week low on the 72 dat gold wave.
That's more like it
So much manipulation.....this should be over 110 today
At current price dividend yield is still 4% despite div cut.
after 3rd fib leg high expect a big drop.
ma 86.39   Watch out for drop when the chancellor speaks on 31st and the FED meet on the 2-3nd Nov followed by the non farm payroll number on Friday.
Ma 50 crossed ma 200 @ 88.70   looks like things will improve from now on.
MA 50 and 200 will probably cross at 87p.
tip ranks predict 144.5p in 12 months
it should be high today, instead going down, any explanation please
early low expected for end of 3rd quarter
thanks Laurie,
Fingers crossed for a rise next week in the build up to ex dividend date.
Jackson Hole speech fri 2pm
Berenberg Bank 6th aug.  have a GBX 112 ($1.37) price target on the mining company’s stock. Market beat concensus £123
feb on 27th looks like more dollar strength. bad for gold.
They say Chuna and the middle east are buying Russian gold at knock down prices via switzerland. £1750 possible before a summer break out. That could mean CEY drops to 72
Added more, silly price this is
Fed on 15th may drop again.
Hope so, will be an absolute bargain
78.78! Hope it's bottomed out now. Hoping for a good summer.
watch out for drop on Wednesday when FED meet.
Completely debt free. Buy. It's a no brainer
must be a double bottom   87.44