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Up up
We are going up!
Cunard Queen Anne delivery delayed 5 months - from January 2024 to May 2024
my hallp
what is happening , why such a decline ?
Monkey box 🤣
o...sorry, is Pox..haha
Nah , dont accept that . its a diffeernt virus that is spread in a very differnt way . this is a bargain price , its near impossible to get on most cruises as they are sold out till next year and some to 2024 . most who cruise are retirees who have lotes of disposal income from house price rises . I think this is shrt term . give it till the next qtr results . i think it will shoot up #
Very good for who sell it by 22€ today. You deserve to see it now for 22.75€.
Do not sell in this price guys. you will lose money because it will arise. This company is very strong and will increase to much as the vaccine also arrive in all the world.
2021.05.13 Bought @ $24.50
2021.02.19 Sold @ $24.20
No logic its going way higher 👍
Road to 35 has just begun. Fasten seatbelts
45-50 by year end 👍
I dont think so. Yes it can reach 45-50 after 2022
Constantly higher lows... Gonna break out
40-50 bucks short term..
Guys, dont delay further if you wanna get mass gains.. its going to explode , from summer record volume of booking in place the shares will hit the sky! Not much time left...
Good gain stocks analyst recommend for 2021 is Xpeng and Palantir. These stocks does well during covid
Vaccines are coming up but it keeps dropping. Why ?
because Europe is working through 3rd? wave of mutated coronavirus..
O experts in trading, is it good to buy this stock now and keep it for two or three months? Will it be profitable? What about the date of the last quarter’s report, which is soon, does the price increase before the date of the report or decrease what your analysis in general
see going down a lot today beacuse of travel restrictions
Waiting is good, but whoever wants to make good profits has to risk a little and buy at a time when most people are afraid to buy in it, especially in large and strong companies, valuable shares at a low price.
I agree I like to take risk I have bought in Gold, palantir tech, etc lot of commodities stocks that paid off and low stocks. Just think it is very high price and will drop because of travel restrictions
Is buying at this price a good thing to hold the stock and sell it after a month or two nearly?
2020.12.03 sold 1K @ $21.90. Cost was $20.60
Wait for drop and Buy at $ 15-17
What drop😆😆vaccine is coming. All the way up
going down bro told yah
Sorry. @ $17.41 and Not $23.21
2020.11.20 - MM JB bought @$23.21 hope for catalyst
Sorry @ $17.42
bs. luckily I dumped
Road to 25