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Why the bounce today?
vandium price going up
Also Russian miners are going down so less competitions
Bought a nice position still downside potential to 9.07 support still can't get out of the downtrend but hey its a good company low cost production so why not 🤷🏼‍♂️ holding into mid 2022 depending on price target of 20p and scale out to 30p we shall see
Bought heavily. Many thanks to the sellers
So I agree with Ken that there are sellers around and am looking for the price to drop as he says
It is possible that amoungst other things the production cost for getting it out the ground is too expensive when you compare it to FAR who are saying thay can get it vanadium out the ground more ethically and cheaper - "Unit costs before by-products of US$2.26/lb, US$1.54/lb on a co-product basis and negative US$-1.20/lb on a by-product basis gives the project an industry leading cost base; around 56% lower than current low cost peers."
Wouldnt surprise me if this goes back to 11-12. Big seller in the background
Why did it drop today?
Unofficial work stoppages at one of the plants. I’m thinking its a good chance to get in around 15, hopefully won’t drop much lower. Anyone else got any thoughts?
12p is coming soon
Any news for the share price drop this morning?
serious re rate overdue. BMN should have a fantastic 2021 with all the news they are due.
serious re rate overdue. BMN should have a fantastic 2021 with all the news they are due 👍
Will it continue rising to £30?
don't you mean 30p, lol
Finally, its taking off
Trader’s stock
GS selling wait till next june for the upward curve
why lol
you'll see
What does GS stand for?
Its undervalued at this price. More up side than down from here
i would keep them a tad longer
 Where can I track live vanadium price? Thank you.
search it on here you get the daily price ferro vanadium
Why is this share dropping today? I can't see any news.
The trend is down
good night
Whoever is shorting this needs to stop being a prat ruining it for everyone and let it run. you also think that by slowly pushing the price down nobody will realise its a couple of majority shareholders lowering it to pick up more. its been long enough. all sources say that this stock is severely undervalued and should actually be just over a pound a share. this stock manipulation is morethan likely to be people close to the company being lazy selfish turds.
I think we're just about to get this long awaited re-rate.. Confirmation of Vanchem purchase by 31st October, which leads to increased production and more kilns available.
Divi policy by March 29th
The dividend policy is due by the end of Q1
Rebounding from low 30s now, very bright future
There is a lot of news to be issued shortly about Bushveld Energy so a lot of investors expecting a sharp rise from this, plus issue of dividend policy by the end of the year. . . A great website to follow conversations about this is on the following link:-. http://www.lse.co.uk/ShareChat.asp?ShareTicker=BMN&share=Bushveld