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What is your sentiment on BP?
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  • Should see a nice uptick to around 3.10 on those results, back to 3.30 in a few weeks.
    • *oil majors. I don't get why there is such a discrepancy. I believe US oils majors are like twice as expensive per cash flow or something. And BP, Shell have brought themselves in good positions by firm corona measures earlier this year.
    • yep no idea, the price was 20% higher in the midst of the pandemic last year when no vaccine was available, total uncertainty as to when a recovery could happen. Now with more than 5 or so in use and many more being phased in surely a path to recovery is in sight. When i saw these results it seemed a clear buy signal, oh well my average is still 295, I will continue to add more as and when I can :)
    • I agree the discepancy between the US and UK oil companies is farcical. Exxon looks overpriced while BP and Shell look bargains