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most underated stock ever ….
can anyone tell me why a sudden share price movement? not that am complaining.
pump and dump traders are back
Rumours / inside knowledge of potential buy-out
to the moon!! Im back in
Good man. Ive still got them bags 😂
bags of gold!!!
Lets go bulls
I want it to explode… explode I Say!
farewell my lady
Back to $5 by May
Dreaming is foc lol
Good news and adding a few more. GLTA
Biggest and costly mistake of believing the hype.
that's the bear market for you. I do think growth stocks will bounce back later this year as lots of them are extremely undervalued i.e nndm when compare ts its market cap vs cash on hand. big question is when?
Added more today. Glta
I like your Optimism. I hope it starts to rise consistently after their Symposium, as its painful AF ATM.
Michael we have a whats up group with some good friends, all investors like us. Would you like to join? 7 of us
Ive tried to reply a few times, but it says my messages are pending by moderators. I don’t have whats Up mate.
They should remove the “for research only” on their twitter. That’s not how you sell effectively. Great product, poor sale strategy. The CEO must go.
keep buying is my best strategy
Some bounce that mind!
75% drop from it's ALT, has left some serious bag holders, me included! Will it bounce from a support, is there any support?
I definitely be loading up but when I see volume and hype building. i could be wrong but don't think it's happening until before next earnings without any catalyst. if you have extra cash, you could look for other opportunities to better invest that money for the time being.
I've got close to 10k Shares, but won't be any extra. Its defibitely a long hold, which I expected on buying... what I didn't expect was a circa 75% fall... They need to be more sales focussed, as Pepe says above. Having an outstanding product alone isn't going to make the SP rocket. I do feel they are pulling that together and the acquistion seems good, but you're right, I don't see an increase of any sort until Q1/Q2 next year
Good luck! let's hope their new marketing team brings more sales next qtr as I do want to see this company do well. they must recognise they lack sales ability if they themselves hire some experienced marketeers in genomes space.
Pepe, I am sorry!
What price did you sell at?
9.15 and then the rest at 6.15. I bought under $1 so this one was a good one for me
My buy in price is 6.15 dunnoe wanna sell or wait low buy in more , pls give some advice
I would like to see at least 7 dollars before earnings. hopefully we will get some postiive news on earnings and some hints on fda approval of saphyr. A bit of a gamble but this stock could either go through the roof imo 8-10 dollars or pull back tomorrow 5-6. Good luck guys, whatever the result i believe long term is a winner.
Me like the increasing revenue tho
bngo is positioned for growth but my view is they are not selling enough saphyr. the administrative and r&d costs have increased the net loss position. without any catalyst I can't see this go further for until next couple months. but I maybe wrong! 😕
but yeah the increase in revenue is promising for the longer term.
can we break through 6 dollars? 🙏
Guys what are your thoughts on next week earnings and following biodiscovery acquisition. I bought more shares yesterday at this price of 5 dollars. 🤞
just hold wat u have 👍🏼
Here we go, the big thing is now in the public domain!
Buy more?
I don’t know. I felt like I knew, but i didnt!
Something big is coming…
here we go…
a big drop!
always drops! so annoyiing this stock
If we can get $10 by the EOY, then i’ll be happy.
We all will be happy. Just keep holding.
BNGO to the moon!!!
I bought very early so i am not worried. Their revenues keep increasing, this is a buy and forget stock. In 5 years, i believe it will be > $100. I hope you are well
I agree 100%🍻.. im good, hope you are too!
earnings soon in august i think? should hopefully start to see reversal