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Next week below 40 euros to 35 euros
Next week 40 euros soonest!
Next week 47 euros
Target 70
Tomorrow below @45 euros
Bayer's bankruptcy comes soon before earning calls
These roundup cases will never end isnt it! Seriously took them 3 years and still ongoing!
True, see how long the Bhopal tragedy haunted Dow.... and this is much bigger as Roundup has been used all over the world for decades
You have to buy now is very low at August will be at 75e
what level should I wait for to buy?
54 to 73 bullish sentiments again volatility trading infrastructure economics based economy based
You text nice and correct congrats Mr Woon Soo Lee, Viber 00306996226068
Is it a good buy now
yes to earn profit dividends shareholders as well 👏 😀
because their herbicide allegedly destroyed loads of peaches in USA and they were  heavily fined
why is daily technical indicator showing strong sell as Bayer stock is constantly rising?!