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200 end of year for sure
Sell for taget of 165-155 with SL 184.8
Bad luck getting stopped out. Apple is up 48% on the year on 4 quarters of falling revenue and i expect terrible phone sales, but the trade is very overcrowded and S&P ETF trades etc just force more buying. I amJust going to layer in and wait for the bubble to burst. My target is $130 once China sales evaporate
155by end of this month
structure says 200++ in coming days
Losing share of cour core product to a Chinese rival in your biggest market is worth more than 1% downside. Thd trade long Apple is so overcrowded Im happy toDouble down at 175.85 and wait for people wake up to reality. Earnings falling for 4 quarters and a P/E well over 30 doesnt end well
Funding genocide will hurt US companies such as Apple.
Sh!te earnings!
Short at 177.30Its up 6% for the week, but i think the results are going to stink. Chinese dont want iphones. Those who have one dont need expensive upgrades for very little extra functionality.
it seems a short term bullish trend. can hit 200 in coming session
Anyone know why people living off credit cards, laden with debt and cant afford food might be skipping the $1000 very slightly better camera upgrade?
crypto has it's own economy so crypto bullish means stock market crash. soon you will get it nd feel it.
buying rush will come as soon as it comes in green as everyone waiting for a bull run confirmation for big buying opportunity
I'd wait until April next year. Everything currently at risk of dropping 10-15%
halo sir
risk tracker buy pe may be many multiples
Boring new product; dead of innovation
Get in while you can, 220 end this year
back to 100-120
those who visit China often would avoid buying apple products, not able to use China soon
expecting zero sales in China for apple soon ... usa fails to play dirty tech restrictions now. china like huawei, breakthrough with higher tech than usa now
china bans apple in retaliation to the ban of huawei by usa. zero for apple in china soon. huawei launches 5g phone with satellite capabilities beating US tech nowadays
All chinese products should be banned, sneaky spies
dump apple
keep buying
Is it ok if I say ... Call it and people on this board ignored