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Just a heads up. Watch out for new trade deals with China
2220 is about right for Anglo for bow. Any solid stimulus from China and the peice could go a lot higher.
Could China be on the cusp of adding major stimulus. Xo missed his speach in South Africa yesterday. 1 in 4 youngsters are unemployed. The housing market is about to tank so doing nothing is dedinitely not an option. Ita not if bit when the stimulus package comes.
The sell of is way overdone. A reraring should now take place .
070823 - 2199 BUY!
With a meeting of the Top Brass in china this week. The Chinese government is now expected to roll out more stimulus measures to support growth - a scenario that could spark increased copper imports by the country.
Should tick over for a few days while the MM decide where we are going. 3334 is a solid target from here.
I would fully expect some broker upgrades over the nwxt week. I wonder what the new price target will be. 3400 for me.
Production figures tomorrow. The share price has been depressed for a long time. Dividend announcement on the 30th. Should all be positive.
The wxcessive heat in china is causing mines to be closed as electricity is shut off to producers pf metals, and targeted at domestic consumers and businesses. This will cause a spike in prices for sure.!
A strong buy. Undervalued and unloved. Thats soon to change .
anglo will fall, good to buy next week close to $2040.00
Also. According to investing .com this company has a 40% upside ..
Production results in just two weeks on the 20th. And half year results a week later on the 27th. Still a great value share with excellent dividends and a price thats to cheap to leave it on the shelf.
Global markets down over expected US rate hike and coming economic slowdown. AAL fundamentally solid and will ride back higher once the Dollar begins to weaken later this year or early next. British equities, particularly the mining sector look very cheap historically and will perform very well once the rate cycle reverses but that is further out 2024/25
Why all the sells?
When's the sirius minerals mine come online?
Good afternoon! Have you read the Mor n i n g St ar_ quote about AAL ?  Have you seen any target price (including average target prices) ?  Cyclical sectors buys are probably coming . . . again and again (reflaction)
Good job AAL move forward bullish. thanks you management services ms Tezcan
just buy it 👍👍
just buy it because after winning of Bidden, chances are more for going ahead 👍👍
Short term?
Harmony bought anglo gold sites. Anglo to delist on JSE
I think Harmony Gold, Gold fields, Sibanye stillwater and pan africa would also make good gains for a gold stock and they are low to purchase.
good stock and pay dividends
Thoughts on Harmony, Gold fields and Pan Africa?