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if the company have no plan for share buy back it's value is going to be around zero.
amc stock not good
Biggest scam of the century to rob money off retail investors
Buy it or not??
Its finished take the loses
why not just Hodl. I've got nothing to lose 😂just enjoying the panic show
Told u guys wait. Now i say 5-6 bucks buy
And what after? 2-3 bucks??
Bought 12.20
Company will sell more shares :(
Will be under 10 again then rocket dont buy hardcore yet
amc is back on redd wallstreetbets, buy now....
May be another reverse stock split will sort out the drop in value till we see all that is invested is wiped out.
This is a joke
Should get a bounce from her
the squeeze is coming, could see $10-15 by 28 of July
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How is this possible investing showing 24 % up and yahoo finance shows 9% down after market close
How this possible investing showing after hours 24% up and yahoo finance showing 8% down
burn it down to 1.50
you sound like Debit Suisse 🤣🤣
sell this crapp... it is too high
Amc is just a scam it will remain underwaters forever
exited at 4.70 with 200 $ profit. had been averaging since 4.06 with heavy amount of shares.
some relief 😮‍💨
buy now at 5.4.. there will be rally on Tuesday 14 mar.
what a fantastic rally that was.....your living proof noone should believe the s+++e they hear on the forums
yaa that was terribly wrong.. but still holding for 6.8++.. may be in next 15 days or a month.
lol 😆🤣
buy now at 5.4.. there will really on Tuesday 14 mar.
* be
been trading the range between 5 and 7 up and down. unfortunately i buy when it goes down and sell when i goes up lol...]
booked profit from 4.8 at 6.72.. decent amount.