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AMZNCL Comments

105 to 110 by tomorrow, regardless of earnings!
Bought 130
Closed long at 147.20 $$$
buy from 136.40 target 148.40 today chart pattern are very bullish and hold it for 157.30
5% will see soon quickly rapidly suddenly
what a disgrace this action
artificial rise can't stay for a long time, if it is genuine then wait two-three days for this pricing.
artificial rise ? do you even know what you are talking about ? given earning and current shape, that stock should be over 140$
what happened
what happened to today’s earning..
Its today and they beat all expectations
Made some decent benefit, good job Amazn. I wish most earning were that strong :))
pump amazon . buy amazon and pump.
earning in few days and it drops more than Tesla and Netflix lol
Another big correction for Amazon
relocate to india to fix those strikes
everytimes that action reach 127+ it gets badly corrected
Amazon is the youngest brother other fellows use as sandbag
Amazon back to 110
na thats too low
Can Amazon replacr workers with robots, that would be pretty cool
Amazon is not worth it aymore, we miss you Jeff
Amazon is going down today
should have bought tesla instead of amazon ..
even Tesla recovered before Amazon
Amazon should revamp their employee once for all, move in indian folks like most and no more union protest and such.
info about that Ws drop?
people losing interest in Amazon today..
i know monkey
a boy attempts to become a man, you should stick with your main account
massive doughnut
A pure bubble if it was above 180 even 200 which is not the case. Amazon is a defensive stock with a 75-80 fortress support. It has very limited upside compared to other tech stocks yet