Natural Gas Futures - Jun 22 (NGM2)

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  • Day's Range:
    8.169 - 8.540
  • Type:Commodity
  • Group:Energy
  • Unit:1 Mmbtu

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  • delboy / delman will give 60 pips down and 60 pips up in every call. but never tell where ng will go. As per probability concept definitely mkt will go up or down. then he will come forward and take all the credit. if you ask him any question, he will give you lots of excuses. In his life he has given 6 times sl, but resulted hahaha. so freshers be aware about this man if I am wrong, pls watch him tomorrow onwards.
    • again 10 pages letter.
    • Yep some of us provide info something you lack 👌
    • I think you are blind. all my long targets are hitting. how can I trapped. joke or 🃏