Natural Gas Futures - Jul 22 (NGN2)

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  • Day's Range:
    8.928 - 9.149
  • Type:Commodity
  • Group:Energy
  • Unit:1 Mmbtu

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  • Massive respect to Ankit, James, Keith, Saagar, Ramesh, Money maker, Pivot, Constantin who provide good TA and money making calls. Sorry if any names are missed, but I have massive repect for you guys. You are the true heros of this place and I know there are hundreds and hundreds of people who come on here to read your views. Babu and his great, Amit, about as useful as a flat tire 🤷‍♂️
    • Babu, those guys are genuine good people, they show the are willing to help others. They show friendly characteristic and thats why I respect them. You, Amit, your great have shown none of those traits. Only trying to envoke fear, laughing at peoples anxiety and fears. I know good people and they are good people, I know selfish, nasty people and you have those characteristics.
    • delboy thanks mate.. respect
    • drama man. I know you very well