Heating Oil Futures - Oct 23 (HOc1)

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never trade heating oil it sucks
what is heat oil doing
anyone invested here
Fuel oil shipments from Russia and Europe to US reached a three-month high in July, as US refineries located on the coast of Mexican Gulf increased processing of fuel oil as a raw material in their delayed coking units
theoretically so, but there is no direct correlation with summer time
It will go up
yes summer time less oil consumption
theoretically yes but there is no direct correlation with summer time
minepi invite chank73
any thought what heating oil will do
got to the stage of trading this not crude oil coz starting to send me crazy with its bipola down turns
Hypothesis on tonights close?
Tonights theory on close price?
Brad please any advice one heating oil? Should i stop loss now? I have lost a lot today. Tnx
This could make you a absolute fortune IF Corona virus vanishes
At 30year lows. Buying amounts from 9100
Is Heating oil still going down?
Please will you advice i stop loss now ? Because i have lost lot of money.
This is more boring than ng
I say all sell
that's mean more buyer than seller.. dos not mean to nuy
What does strong buy mean in the summary? Does that mean suggesting to buy?
Sell or buy????
Shorting the highest high of 20/07 and anticipating a drop for considerable future.